Rainbow Productions has over 30 years of experience designing and creating mascot costumes. We will help create a custom mascot design that brings your brand to life. Your mascot is a new member of your team and so it is essential that thought is given to the design features so that your mascot costume conveys your business values and campaign objectives.

One of Rainbow Productions’ key strengths when manufacturing custom-made mascot costumes is the technical expertise of our production department. Whether we are working from a supplied design or whether we work with you to design a mascot, you can be confident that our team of skilled experts will replicate your mascot design into your 3D mascot costume.


If you have an idea of how you would like your mascot to look please send us your sketches and ideas; the more inspiration the better!

Need some inspiration? Visit our brand mascot gallery for ideas. You can also check out many more of our mascot creations on Pinterest!

If you don’t have a sketch don’t worry, our mascot designers can translate design briefs into functional and eye-catching mascots! We are not a design agency – our core skillset instead being the creation of the mascot costumes – but we do have years of experience creating high quality mascots for organisations all over the world and therefore know what works well and how this can be best applied when we design your own mascot.

At the start of the project you will receive a short design agreement which explains the process, the expected time-frame for the final design and it also explains that ownership of the design is transferred to you upon successful completion by Rainbow Productions of the mascot costume.

The first step in the design process is to work with you to understand the purpose of your mascot; the possible environments where the mascot will be used; any clothing and company branding and printed logos required; any particular traits and personalities of your brand; any props and accessories; any activities that it is essential for the performer to undertake.

We will be happy to advise on topics such as the height and size of the mascot costume and choice of fabrics that will work well.

The design will initially be supplied as black and white line-art for your comments or approval.  Once this version has been approved, we work on colour artwork for you.  Our ultimate aim is to deliver a custom mascot design that you are happy with, which will appeal to your own audience and which helps you stand out from the crowd!


When we design a mascot we take into account who will be wearing the mascot costume. We will make the mascot costume to your size specification, but will always ensure that there is a degree of flexibility in the height chosen, should you wish to use different performers.


Choosing the right materials for your mascot costume is key to prolonging the life of the costume. We design your mascot costume with the performer’s comfort in mind as well as ensuring it reflects your brand and is hard-wearing.  We use a wide range of light-weight, durable and quality materials. We also have experience of designing and producing mascots worn in hot climates, in stage shows and even marathon races!


We’ve included a few examples of mascot designs and how they have been transformed into costumes!

Take a look at our Pinterest page where you will see we have pinned photos of mascot costumes by sector – such as Attractions, Charities, Festivals, Shopping Malls and Financial institutions – as well as classifying our work by types such as Dogs, Dinosaurs, Cows and Dragons!