Rainbow Productions has worked on football mascot projects for a range of organisations, from grass roots and amateur clubs through to teams in the English Premiership, European football clubs and international tournaments. As well as manufacturing bespoke mascot costumes, we offer a mascot sketch-design service. We can also provide practical advice at the design stage on which options under consideration might best translate into practical walk-about mascot costumes, based on our experience on other projects.

Super Victor - UEFA EURO 2016 Football Mascot
Super Victor - UEFA EURO 2016
3 Lions - The Football Association Macots
3 Lions - The Football Association
Chirpy - Tottenham Hotspur FC Mascot
Chirpy - Tottenham Hotspur FC


We work with a number of football tournaments, bringing to life the official mascots that go on to be seen by millions of fans in the UK, Europe and Worldwide. These mascots are also typically the focus for licensed product lines. Since 1996, when Rainbow Productions manufactured mascot Goaliath, we’re privileged that UEFA has commissioned us to manufacture the mascot for every UEFA EURO tournament. Below are examples of mascots we’ve created for football tournaments, including the UEFA EURO 2016 official mascot Super Victor and the mascots used at the AFC Asian Cup in Qatar.

2013-14 Scottish Cup - Scottish FA - Scotty Football Mascot
Scotty - Scottish FA Cup
UEFA EURO 2016 mascot, Super Victor with Varane Football Mascots
Super Victor - UEFA EURO 2016
UEFA Euro 2004 - Kinas Football Mascot
Kinas - UEFA Euro 2004
UEFA Euro 2008 - Trix Flix Football Mascots
Trix Flix - UEFA Euro 2008
UEFA Euro 2012 - Slavek Slavko Football Mascots
Slavek Slavko - UEFA Euro 2012
UEFA Women Under 19 Championship Wales 2013 - Football Association of Wales Mascot
UEFA Women's Under 19s, Wales
World Cup Willie Football Mascot - Wembley Stadium
World Cup Willie - Wembley Stadium
AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2011 Football Mascot - Jerboas
Jerboas - AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2011


We work with Premier League football clubs to manufacture their team mascots, including Tottenham Hotspurs’ ‘Chirpy’, Liverpool’s ‘Mighty Red’ and Stoke City’s ‘Pottermus’ Hippo mascot. These over-sized team supporters can often be seen on the side line during home games, as well as mingling with fans inside family enclosures.

Aston Villa FC Mascot - Hercules Bella Chip
Hercules Bella Chip - Aston Villa FC
Liverpool FC Mascot - Mighty Red
Mighty Red - Liverpool FC
Stoke City FC Mascot - Potamuss
Pottermus - Stoke City FC
Tottenham Hotspur FC Mascot - Chirpy
Chirpy - Tottenham Hotspur FC
West Bromwich Albion FC Mascot - Baggie Albi
Baggie &Albi - West Bromwich Albion
West Ham Utd FC Mascot - Hammerhead
Hammerhead - West Ham Utd FC
Sunderland FC Mascot - Samson
Samson - Sunderland FC


We manufacture football mascots for a range of teams across Europe, including football clubs in Spain, Germany, the Netherlands and across Scandinavia.  The designs of these mascots varies, ranging from club emblems brought to life as walkabout mascot costumes, through to those which are more caricature in style such as FC Barcelona’s mascots, below.

Brondbyernes IF Fodbold AS Mascot - Brondus
Brondus - Brondbyernes IF Fodbold
FC Barcelona Football Mascot - Messi Puyol
Messi Puyol - FC Barcelona
HSV Hamburg Football Mascot - Dino
Dino - HSV Hamburg
Rosenborg BK Football Mascot - Troll
Troll - Rosenborg BK
SC Heerenveen Football Mascot - Heero
Heero - SC Heerenveen
Sporting Lisbon Football Mascot - Jubas
Jubas - Sporting Lisbon
Valerenga Invest Fotball AS Mascot - Skaara
Skaara - Valerenga Invest Fotball AS
Willem II Tilburg Football Mascot - Kingo
Kingo - Willem II Tilburg


We also work with clubs in Championship Leagues 1 & 2.  The Scottish Football Association and The Football Association have also commissioned Rainbow Productions to develop sports mascots for their national teams.  Football related organisations which are looking to reach younger audiences have also invested in a mascot; Socatots, below, is one example.  This organisation encourages activities for pre-school aged children.

Bristol Rovers FC Mascot - Captain
Captain - Bristol Rovers FC
Chesterfield FC Mascot - Chester the Field Mouse
Chester Field Mouse - Chesterfield
MK Dons Football Mascot - Donnie Mooie
Donnie Mooie - MK Dons
Nottingham Forest FC Mascot - Robin Hood
Robin Hood - Nottingham Forest FC
Scottish FA Football Mascot - Hampden Roary
Hampden Roary - Scottish FA
Socatots Limited Football Mascot - Socatot
Socatot - Socatots Limited
The FA WSL Mascot - Berry Bear
Berry Bear - The FA WSL
The Football Association Mascot - The 3 Lions
3 Lions - The Football Association