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Name: Care Bears – Cheer Bear & Grumpy Bear

Licensor: CloudCo Entertainment

Copyright Notice: Care BearsTM & © 2022 Those Characters From Cleveland. All Rights Reserved.

Primary Target: Children aged 2-6 years old.

Secondary Target: Parents, Millennials, Tweens/Teens, Infants I.e. a multi-generational brand.

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These are the official Cheer Bear & Grumpy Bear licensed characters.

Rainbow Productions holds the official licence to manage their personal appearances at public UK events for organisations such as shopping centres, visitor attractions and children’s festivals, on behalf of the brand owner.

Brought to life by trained professionals, our aim is to boost footfall and provide family-friendly entertainment at events, creating a magical experience for children when they meet these famous characters. Please visit our character events page to find out more.

Our licensed character costumes are not available to hire on a costume-only basis or for private children’s parties. Characters are booked at a single day or an overnight rate, depending on event location, rather than for shorter time periods.

CHARACTER PROFILE FOR Cheer Bear & Grumpy Bear

The Care Bears is a group of bears each with a different colour and a special belly badge depicting their personality and caring mission.

Cheer Bear is pink bear with a multi-coloured rainbow belly badge. She is team leader and pilot of the Cloudseeker.  Cheer is a top scorer in video games, a positive go-getter and always up for a challenge.

Grumpy Bear is blue with a rain cloud belly badge.  He is the builder of the Cloudseeker, team mechanic and resident worrywart.  Although Grumpy can be flippant and smart-alecky, deep down he is a good-hearted guy.


  • The Care Bears are celebrating their 40th anniversary in 2022.
  • The Care Bears were first introduced by American Greetings in 1982 as consumer products and greeting cards – and later as an animated television show.
  • The brand aims to teach fans around the world about the importance of caring and looking out for others.
  • TV series ‘Care Bear & Cousins’ launched on Tiny Pop in July 2018, plus brand new show ‘Care Bears: Unlock the Magic’ launched Q1 2019.
  • There have been three feature films: The Care Bears Movie (1985), Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation (1986), The Care Bears Adventure in Wonderland (1987).
  • Cheer Bear and Grumpy Bear mascots are available to attend UK events.


Care Bears – Cheer Bear & Grumpy Bear


Rainbow Productions has 30 years of specialist experience in delivering authentic character appearances within a range of environments. All of our costume characters available for personal appearances are managed under licence and are 100% official. With a trained performer and dedicated road manager, we aim to make your event an experience your guests will love!