Mascot costumes come in all shapes and sizes! Over the years, Rainbow Productions has worked to translate hugely varying designs into walkabout mascots – each one unique.

Brands and organisations may commission us to create over-sized objects such as a giant paint tin, a cookie or a flag to represent their brand at media opportunities and community events. Other organisations may instead choose to create a cuddly animal mascot to appeal to families. Developing a Superhero mascot is also a popular choice! Not only are these types of mascots visually striking, brands also often decide on a superhero character to convey and reinforce some form of super, extra powerful attribute or solution.


On this page, there are examples of superhero mascot costumes created by the Rainbow team over the years.  Photos can also be seen on our Superhero Mascot Costumes Pinterest Board.


We are fortunate to have worked with many high profile brands to develop superhero character costumes, for use in their own marketing campaigns.  We’ve included a few examples below – ranging from creating branded superhero mascots for chocolate brands, toy companies and computer games.

Attractions also invest in mascots for reasons such as their inclusion in events programmes to help entertain guests. Rainbow Productions has created many custom-made superheroes for venues such as, family entertainment centres, theme parks, and bowling complexes.

Captain Planet - Green Superhero
Brand Mascot - Captain Planet - Green Superhero
Max Steel Mattel
Brand Mascot - Max Steel - Mattel
Superhuman Boy Edinburgh Complex
Brand Mascot - Superhuman Boy - Edinburgh Complex
Superhuman Girl Edinburgh Complex
Brand Mascot - Superhuman Girl - Edinburgh Complex
Samus Nickelodeon
Brand Mascot - Samus - Nickelodeon
Captain QP Mondelez
Brand Mascot - Captain QP - Mondelez
Mega Man Capcom
Brand Mascot - Mega Man - Capcom
Mattress Man Mattressman
Brand Mascot - Mattress Man - Mattressman
Kobi Kidspace Adventures
Attraction Mascot - Kobi - Kidspace Adventures
Captain Rageman Adventure Island
Attraction Mascot - Captain Rageman -Adventure Island
Max Thrill Thorpe Park
Attraction Mascot - Max Thrill - Thorpe Park
Super Pin LA Bowl
Attraction Mascot - Super Pin - LA Bowl


Mascots are also used to help spread educational messages to younger audiences; messages which may be safety, or environment related. For example, over the years, we’ve developed lots of superhero characters for energy and water companies.


H2O Gang Essex & Suffolk Water
H2O Gang - Essex & Suffolk Water
Eddie Energy EDF Energy
Eddie Energy - EDF Energy
Captain Splosh Anglian Water
Captain Splosh - Anglian Water
Hydro Brita Mascot
Utility Mascot - Hydro - Brita


We supply customised mascots to all market sectors in the UK and overseas. Below, we’ve included a few photos of superhero mascots created for export in sectors such as sport, leisure and brand licensing.

Sam Sam Evasion Animation
Sam Sam - Evasion Animation, France
Fun Lab Cat Balo Turkey
Fun Lab Cat - Balo Turkey
Brondus Brondbyernes IF Fodbold
Brondus - Brondbyernes IF Fodbold
Super Victor UEFA Euro 2016
Super Victor - UEFA EURO 2016


For, charitable organisations we have created child-friendly superhero character costumes that include, the Share a Dream Foundation and the DreamMakers Foundation.

Meanwhile we find that many sports clubs also opt to create a mascot which takes on superhero characteristics. We’ve predominantly created these types of costumes for football clubs, one of which was creating SuperSaint for Scottish club, St. Johnstone FC. But other sports are also turning to superheroes!

Spoony Wooden Spoon Mascot
Charities Mascot - Spoony - Wooden Spoon
Captain Courage Share a Dream Foundation
Charities Mascot - Captain Courage - Share a Dream Foundation
Mr Wiz The DreamMakers Foundation
Charities Mascot - Mr Wiz - The DreamMakers Foundation
Agent H Ayr Hospice
Charities Mascot - Agent H - Ayr Hospice
Hercules, Bella & Chip Aston Villa FC
Sports Mascot - Hercules, Bella & Chip - Aston Villa FC
SuperSaint St Johnstone FC
Sports Mascot - SuperSaint - St Johnstone FC
Bartley Blue & Zoe Lou Cardiff City FC
Sports Mascot - Bartley Blue & Zoe Lou - Cardiff City FC
Gracie the Greyhound Towcester Racecourse
Sports Mascot - Gracie the Greyhound - Towcester Racecourse