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Name: Boj

Licensor: Pesky Productions Ltd

Copyright Notice: Boj™ Pesky Productions Ltd
© 2020. All rights reserved.

Primary Target: Boys and girls aged 2-6 years

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These are the official Boj licensed characters.

Rainbow Productions holds the UK’s official licence to manage the personal appearances of Boj at public events on behalf of the brand owner.

Book our character costumes to attend your corporate event. They provide family-friendly content – perfect for entertaining guests and attracting customers at organisations such as:

  • Shopping Centres
  • Visitor Attractions
  • Retailer In-Store Activities
  • Children’s Festivals

We take care of everything; our full service includes the copyrighted character costume, trained performer and Road Manager (minder) to accompany the character. Please visit our character events page to find out more.

Due to the nature of the events we manage, we are not able to supply characters for private children’s parties or similar events.

Our licensed character costumes are not available to hire on a costume-only basis. Characters are booked at a single day or an overnight rate, depending on event location, rather than for shorter time periods.

Our aim is to bring these famous characters to life to create a magical experience for children when they meet the characters


Boj is a bilby – a rare Australian marsupial. He’s burrowed with his musical mum and dad from the Outback to start a new life in Giggly Park. Boj has made lots of great new buddies. And if they have a problem, one of Boj’s improvised ‘Boj-a-boom’ ideas is sure to save the day!

Boj loves to ‘make stuff from other stuff’ – he’s resourceful, inventive and great with stickity-glue and string-a-ding!

Boj inspires a unique bond with his young audience – and with preschool parents – as he demonstrates the endless ways we can all have fun, think creatively and be caring.

Boj not only makes everyone giggle, he builds friendships and brings the community together like never before!

So… “Let’s Get Boj-ing!”


  • Boj is the creation of BAFTA award-winning studio Pesky Productions and has been developed by a celebrated team who really understand what makes preschool children laugh and learn.
  • Catchy songs (sung by Jason Donovan, Boj’s dad ‘Pops’) are a key to Boj’s success.
  • With his catchphrases “I’ve got a Boj-a-boom idea!” and “Let’s get Boj-ing!” Boj is a champion of creative thinking and improvised play.




Rainbow Productions has 30 years of specialist experience in delivering authentic character appearances within a range of environments. All of our costume characters available for personal appearances are managed under licence and are 100% official. With a trained performer and dedicated road manager, we aim to make your event an experience your guests will love!

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