Top 5 Greatest Mascots

Just like logos, mascots are a one of the most important aspects of a brand, as it distinguishes and highlights you from the rest of the world. Being vibrant, outgoing and recognisable are the only requirements. Here are our Top 5 Greatest Mascots Aleksandr Orlov Love them or hate them, they’re much better than the […]

Why Should you have a Brand Mascot?

Mascots are ideal for interacting with an audience and creating a buzz for your brand. When you think of it, mascots are everywhere in advertising. You may not realise it, but when watching TV, almost 80% of the adverts have a mascot representing a brand. Trip Advisor has Ollie the Owl, Compare the Market has […]

Unmissable May Events

Spring is finally in the air and we have two bank holidays AND May half term on the horizon, which means character events are in full swing. In case you missed it we’ve also added some new characters to our roster in recent weeks. Little Miss Inventor and literary favourites Stick Man and The Highway […]

Top Ways a Mascot Can Help Market Your Brand

You might be wondering why you should get a mascot. How can it help market your brand? Fundamentally, a brand mascot needs to symbolise something. It needs to go beyond being “cute”. It needs to have personality. Mascots are captivating, efficient symbols that’ll create long-lasting impressions with your demographic. They’re wonderful for humanising your brand […]

Top Tips on Creating a Mascot Character

  Today, we’re surrounded by fictional characters. They’re everywhere – in books, cartoons, on the web and in adverts.  It’s no surprise that kids (and big kids!) become increasingly attached to them.   It’s for this reason that mascots can be powerful marketing tools for building brand identity and building mascot momentum.   To make […]

7 Seriously Awesome Animal Brand Mascots Online

Many companies have used brand cartoon characters to win their audience over and have had really successful results. Have you tried it for your brand? It can be a really powerful branding strategy that can really deliver awesome results.   Below, we’ve pulled together some of the more successful examples of animal brand mascot designs […]

Excellent Easter Events

The Easter holidays will soon be in full swing, so why not keep the kids entertained at a character event? There’s certainly plenty coming up! Peter Rabbit and Bing continue to be popular choices for Easter and will spend the month making appearances at venues up and down the country, much to the delight of […]

Football Team Mascots

Many of us at some point in our lives have owned a token, whether it was one we took into the exam room or perhaps we gave it to someone going in for an operation. They’ve been used for many generations as symbols of good fortune. Similarly, there’s a long, fascinating history when it comes […]