Over the years we have manufactured a broad range of animal mascot costumes, from the ferociously realistic to friendly cartoon style creatures. These animal mascots costumes are not off the shelf or available to buy; instead they are custom made mascots based on specific design briefs. If you would like to create your own animal costume find out more about our mascot design process or email us for more information. Our expertise isn’t limited to the animals shown on this page; we’ve created everything from rabbits to dinosaurs and sloths and look forward to helping you create the perfect animal mascot for your organisation, whatever the species.

Please note, the specific mascots shown below are not available to buy, as all of our mascots are tailor-made to suit each individual client.

Walibi Belgium mascot - Yeti
Yeti - Walibi Belgium Mascot
Thorpe Park Mascot - Daffodil
Daffodil - Thorpe Park Mascot
Walibi Belgium Mascot - Werewolf
Werewolf - Walibi Belgium Mascot
Wellington Country Park Mascot - Stag
Stag - Wellington Country Park

Examples of custom-made animal mascot costumes we’ve produced.  All of the mascots we make are unique.

Lion Mascot Costumes

We have designed and created a variety of lion mascot costumes over the years, each one unique. These lions have gone on to represent a range of well-known brands, from sports teams to adventure parks. Take a look at some of our friendly lions in the gallery below and get in touch for a quote to create your own character.

Cricket South Africa Mascot - Zac
Zac - Cricket South Africa Mascot
Folly Lion - Folly Farm Mascot
Folly Lion - Folly Farm Mascot
BPP Mascot University Lion
University Lion - BPP Mascot
Scottish FA Mascot - Hampden Roary
Hampden Roary - Scottish FA

Bear Mascot Costumes

Over the past 30 years Rainbow Productions has been fortunate to work on an array of projects, resulting in us gaining experience in creating practically every type of bear mascot costume!  For example, we’ve made panda mascots, teddy bear mascots and even polar bear mascots. The sample bear mascot costumes, below, have been created for use in activities such as book promotions and brand marketing campaigns.

Theo Bear Mascot - The Children's Hospital Charity
Theo - Children's Hospital Charity
Paul the Magical Bear Mascot for Fun Funny Kids
Paul - Fun Funny Kids Mascot
Teddy Bear - Baby Ballet Mascot
Teddy Bear - Baby Ballet Mascot
Bookstart Bear Mascot
Bookstart Bear Mascot
Charmin Bear Mascot
Charmin Bear Mascot
Mummy and Daddy Bear Mascots - Oddpost Entertainment
Bear Mascots - Oddpost Ent
Highland Wildlife Park - Walker Polar Bear Mascot
Walker - Highland Park Mascot
Edinburgh Zoo Panda Mascots
Pandas - Edinburgh Zoo Mascot

Dog Mascot Costumes

Our portfolio of dog mascot costumes, again all unique, bespoke designs, includes realistic life-like examples through to cartoon style mascots. We’ve created some famous brand characters over the years. Take a look at some of our creations, below and get in touch for a quote, whether you’re interested in a mascot to represent your brand or to help your organisation appeal even more to family audiences.

Andrex Puppy brand mascot
Andrex Puppy Brand Mascot
Happy Films - Bookaboo dog mascot
Bookaboo - Happy Films Mascot
Courage the Cowardly Dog mascot - Kimbe Srl
Cowardly Dog Mascot - Kimbe, Italy
Drontal Dog - Bayer Plc Mascot
Drontal Dog - Bayer Plc Mascot

Cat Mascot Costumes

We have created a broad selection of cat mascot costumes, examples of which can be seen, below.  We can make a cat mascot costume to your desired specification, so get in touch to turn your feline design ideas into a quality mascot.

Littlest Petshop Cat Mascot
Littlest Petshop Cat Mascot
Dr Sam-Fun Funny Kids Mascot
Dr Sam - Fun Funny Kids Mascot
Cushag the Station Master Cat mascot
Cushag - Isle of Man Railway Mascot
KiteKat cat brand mascot
Cat - KiteKat Brand Mascot