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Octonauts Character Costumes

Biography for Captain Barnacles and Kwazii Walkabout Costumes

Captain Barnacles is a brave polar bear extraordinaire and the leader of the Octonauts crew. He’s always the first to rush in and help whenever there’s a problem. Besides adventuring, Barnacles enjoys playing his accordion and writing in his captain’s log.

Kwazii is a daredevil orange kitten with a mysterious pirate past. He loves excitement and travelling to exotic places. His favourite hobbies include long baths, racing the Gup-B, and general swashbuckling.

Target Audience for Octonauts promotional costumes

The show is designed to appeal to a pre-school audience, primarily boys up to the age of 5.

Additional brand information for Octonauts costumes

  • From their underwater base the Octopod, the Octonauts are ready to leap into action, venturing out into the deep blue sea, where a world of creatures are in need of rescue.
  • Elements of the show: Science Curriculum (meeting new sea creatures in every episode); Action Adventure; Sci-fi (gadgets, vehicles and tech) and Pre-school messages of teamwork and friendship.
  • Series 3 began airing daily on CBeebies in March 2014.  Work has started on the production of Season 4 (24 episodes and 2 specials) which are expected to be delivered in mid 2015.
  • Nominated for a BAFTA and an International Emmy.
  • Over half a million books have been sold worldwide and 60,000 magazines are sold per month in the UK.
  • Marketing & Experiential partnerships launched with Sea Life, the not-for-profit organisation Marine Conservation Society (MCS) and World Ocean Day 2014 (June 8th) run by The Ocean Project.
  • Character costumes Captain Barnacles and Kwazii from the Octonauts are available to attend UK events.